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Usage of X-ray Machines and Airport Security Scann

The baggage scanners are suitable for the medical and it has been widely used in many other kinds of institutions and places for the relevant unit to provide quick diagnosis. Most of the high voltage generator is the high frequency digital machine and it has advantages of rich imaging layers, friendly and simple operation interface, etc. Before we began to know airport security baggage scanners working principle,we had better talk about its applications.

Before we began to know airport security baggage scanners working principle, let’s talk about the industrial use of baggage scanners.

Using X-ray penetration, we can find many kinds of abject including the bone, plastic and other hard foreign bodies.

With more high sensitivity, high stability x-ray baggage scanner , it can help you improve the quality of the finished product more effectively. It can not only detect the foreign bodies of food (such as a variety of meat products, aquatic products, fruit and vegetable, additives, milk powder, chocolate, etc.),but also it can detect defects of metal, glass, ceramics, stone, bone, plastic, etc. Furthermore it can do full product testing to find packing defects of cracks, bubbles, content, etc. So it has been widely used in food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the textile industry, such as integrated circuit board industry and the quality control of the food industry to meet the requirements of HACCP and IFS certification to identify product defects, such as product damaged, such as product deformation or missing to eliminate product quality hidden trouble.

Before we began to know security inspection equipment working principle, let’s talk about the medicine security use of airport baggage scan.

When X-ray applied in medical diagnosis, it is mainly on the basis of X-ray penetration, difference absorption penetration and photographic work penetration.

When x-rays go through the body, by the different degrees of absorption, such as the X-ray quantity of bone absorption is more than the amount of muscle absorption, then the X-ray quantity through the body is different, so the body carries density distribution information of the body. Then there is a bigger difference on the screen or film caused by fluorescence function or the strength of the photosensitive action, thus photographic film on the screen (after developing and fixing) will show different density shadow. According to shadow shade contrast, combined with the clinical manifestation, laboratory test results and pathological diagnosis, we can determine whether one part of the human body is normal or not.

After discussed all above industries, let’s talk about airport security baggage scanners working principle.

There are many kinds of x-ray baggage scanners designed for tourist attractions, sports cultural venues, conference center, exhibition center, luggage storage, shopping malls, hotel design and other important places. And there are some kinds of baggage scanners designed for public security, court, procurator ate, prisons, detention center, station, airport, dock and so on.