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Advanced Handheld Metal Detector for Sale
Advanced Handheld Metal Detector for Sale

The handheld metal detector is mainly used in three areas. For security work, the handheld metal detector is used to prevent prohibited items such as knives, guns items X Ray inspection supplier. For factories loss prevention, the handheld metal detector is used to prevent the loss of valuables in factories. For the field of education, the handheld metal detector is used for preventing cheating tools like mobile phones, electronic dictionaries carried into the examination room.

It is reported that in the CET-4 and CET-6 examinations, to strictly guard against and combat various disciplinary and cheating, handheld metal detector is widely used. The handheld metal detector especially prevents the use of radio equipment and other high-tech means of disciplinary and cheating. Before entering the examination room, the students must be checked by a metal detector. According to the Provincial Education Examination regulations, x ray baggage scanner price is equipped with a metal detector. Students should reach the examination rooms in accordance with the provisions of admission. In addition, students should actively cooperate with the metal detector inspection. During the inspections, if there is an alarm sound, candidate is required to explain and present the invigilator related items (including metal goods).

After the metal goods are shown, invigilators check the site again to make sure there is no prohibited metal material. Only in this way can students approach the seat and be seated. If the candidates refused to cooperate with the inspection and refused to show suspicious items, invigilators have the right to prevent their entry into the examination room. Also, invigilators can invite the police to assist if necessary.

The handheld X-ray security inspection system benefits are not only in the field of education. In the field of security check in airports, railway stations and UTR station, handheld metal detector benefits are also obvious. If you want to go travelling by plane and train, you are sure to come across the handheld metal detector. Firstly, you need to go through the security door. Secondly, a handheld metal detector is used to detect whether you are carrying metals prohibited. Lastly, you can go to board the plan or train. The handheld metal detector benefits are endless to list. If you want to buy handheld metal detector, you can always come to visit You will find a lot of useful information about x-ray security machine including usages, advantages, maintenance and other features. We are good at manufacturing high-quality handheld metal detectors. You can buy our handheld metal detectors at a low price that surprises you.