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After the security gate harm health?
After the security gate harm health?


In modern times, the subway, high-speed rail and aircraft for daily travel great convenience, but also to a question in our hearts silently rooting: every stop to go through X-ray screening instrument, it emits radiation will affect us health?


Security doors of a small amount of radiation, without worrying about the simple answer that first question: Under normal circumstances we do not consider these effects of radiation.


Speaking of radiation, some people will think of the baggage x ray machine, Chernobyl or Fukushima nuclear crisis. Yes, these appalling events of nuclear radiation and stop the security apparatus in the X-ray is a possible impact on human health, "ionizing radiation." When the body is irradiated with ionizing radiation, which may be part of the energy absorbed by various parts of the body, with a certain probability of causing molecular ionization, bond breaking, DNA damage, triggering a physiological response. But, as moderate drinking without fear of alcoholism, when some kind of low intensity ionizing radiation, the body irradiated for a short time, the total effective dose below a certain standard, and its health effects can be negligible.


China's "Ionizing Radiation Protection and Safety of Radiation Sources basic standards" (GB18871-2002) provides an estimate of the public by cheap metal detectors average annual effective dose not more than 1 mSv. SV is a measure of the biological effects of ionizing radiation units. Is generally accepted that the average annual effective dose on average each person in the world by the natural radiation is 2.4 mSv, these natural radiation include ionizing radiation, cosmic rays, the surface through dietary intake of natural radionuclides and inhalation of indoor and outdoor radioactive radon gas.


Compared with the above two figures, the number of radiation dose caused by station security apparatus have it? Unable to various parts of the implant in the body dosimeter, "Chinese Journal of Radiological Health" in 2011 published a paper simulation of a person through the whole process of security instrument with a computer program. The authors assume that a person to go to work 300 days a year, twice a day after security checks, each time passing should takes 20 seconds. In this process, if the lead curtains at the entrances of the security apparatus remain intact, the total amount of radiation that people have been in a year is 1 mSv 1/14000. Even lead curtain was severely damaged, opened three 5 cm wide gap, the total amount of radiation that people have been in a year is only 1/120 of 1 mSv. Compared with the natural radiation of life can not be avoided, security apparatus caused by radiation is negligible.


Trace radiation vs public health order to estimate the health effects of these trace of artificial radiation caused, let us look at a much larger set of data.


National Center for Disease Control and luggage inspection and Nuclear Safety in an information display on the website, by the geological conditions, high levels of natural radioactivity in Yangjiang region, where the mountains surrounded by granite rock mountain. Granite, high uranium, thorium, radium and other natural radionuclide content. Mountain rock surface weathering and erosion by rain, containing natural radionuclides especially rich in thorium particles deposited on the region's low-lying ground. The average annual effective dose Yangjiang some local residents affected by natural radiation is 6.4 mSv. That is, one of the residents living in these areas receive an additional dose of natural radiation is far more than residents of other parts of the radiation dose from the security apparatus of the subject's. Scientists not only calculated the average annual effective dose of these residents, but also for individuals cumulative lifetime radiation dose was estimated, the results did not find the extra radiation dose to produce significant adverse health consequences (including cancer, spontaneous abortion rate for residents of these areas, multiple pregnancy, infertility rate, neonatal mortality, child growth and development, etc.). On the contrary, some data suggest that the cellular immune function of these residents have been significantly improved. Although the health effects of low-dose radiation needs further, but compared with the public health effects of the security apparatus, it has been low enough to be reassuring.


Whether trace radiation endanger pregnant women?


Some people still worry that the security apparatus will have an impact on the fetus in pregnant women. Matter of medical ethics, this problem can not be directly through the experimental study, we can refer to the radiation dose produced a medical examination. ICRP Publication No. 84 pointed out that although the risk of early pregnancy, the most significant radiation, but baggage inspection effects of the existence of a threshold of 100 mSv is about. The effective dose of 1 mSv following medical examination, medical personnel can tell pregnant women "Risk can be ignored." Therefore, pregnant women not only completely without worrying about the security instrument affect the pregnancy, and can safely operate in the security apparatus work.


Furthermore, X-ray screening instrument in baggage will be subjected to a dose of radiation, many office workers will bring lunch to work every day worried about being irradiated food can eat it? X Light is a high-frequency electromagnetic waves, after which there is no radiation irradiated food residue, does not affect people's consumption, and nuclear accident in which radioactive dust contamination are essentially different. In industrial production, people often use a variety of irradiation to sterilize food. For example, the supermarket is selling Pickle chicken legs after irradiated product.


Conclusion We do not have to worry about the X-ray screening instrument will affect their health. However, without increasing the cost of living and social premise, we can try to avoid receiving unnecessary radiation. For example, bags and leave the security apparatus outlet, travelers should isochronous lead curtain is fully down and then removed, do not dig out luggage from the security instrument, not just got the security apparatus.