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Airport Baggage Radiation Tracing Instrument
Airport Baggage Radiation Tracing Instrument

In the crowd flocked to the airport space, in order to guarantee the safety of the people, so have to set up the security equipment to the every passengers. Due to the number of people belongings is various, must use a baggage radiation X-ray machines, airport security scanners. The airport security scanner luggage radiation is essential equipment for security scanner, we learn about the information of airport security baggage radiation scanner. Through airport security check X-ray security baggage scanner, security personnel only in the screen you can see people in a wide range of complex and belongings. Exactly how radiation airport security baggage scanner, we together to get to know the information about the airport security check baggage radiation scanner.

airport security baggage by xray baggage scanner works, it is typically used in airport checked and hand baggage inspection. Quarantined items must be made via X-ray radiation, through the items were not absorbed radiation will be collected in the imaging detector (usually a photodiode array. The detector output need special signal to adjust the low level of current, and high-resolution data converter is required to achieve the necessary resolution appeared in the correct items in the scan. The signal conditioning sometimes included in the single chip data acquisition solution, as precision analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with current - to - voltage (I - to - V) conversion. At other times, discrete low current/front-end amplifier noise measurements and enlarge image output current of the detector array, and then drive the independent voltage input ADC.

airport baggage x ray scanner radiation scanner kernel system includes:

DSP processor

DSP processor can be used for imaging reconstruction, using the image detector array receiving signals generated scan images of the item.

Amplifier will be used in the ADC imaging detector array of low to intermediate frequency signal amplification and requires low current noise amplifier. These are usually required for implementation of wide dynamic range of the limiting component. Because the signal amplitude is different, usually need a trans impedance amplifier (TIA) of low noise.


Δ - Σ type of ADC is usually with integrated current - to - voltage (I - to - V) conversion, can be used to convert low level current to be computing element processing data information.

When a single front end - to - voltage amplifier with current (I - to - V) conversion, usually need to use voltage input ADC.

Create the base of DAC array is the most commonly used.

Power management

For the acquisition system is used to control the system power supply.

The temperature sensor

Usually in the system will have more than one channel, causing the system of environmental temperature, thereby need cooling fan control.

When you baggage radiation of choose and buy airport security scanners, should choose a delicate structure, the characteristics of compact design, high image quality, but also to ensure that the machine performance and maintenance support of related content.

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