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China Government Always Help Walkthrough Metal Det
China Government Always Help Walkthrough Metal Det

As early as 2004 , the Ministry of Justice passed the whole state prison layout big adjustment program , the first pilot of the current prison relocation for five provinces have been completed. New, mostly prison rebuilt after the installation of walkthrough metal detectors, which fully reflects the government support for our security screening system. January 2006, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao signed the State Council Order No. 458, published “Entertainment Management Regulations" since 2006 implemented from March 1. The Ordinance clearly states in line with the conditions specified in the Ordinance entertainment must install walkthrough metal detectors inspection equipment. May 2006, the Supreme Court issued the specific provisions on death penalty cases of second instance to start from the second half of 2006 to a public hearing, in which the provisions are clear requirements in the trial hall to install walkthrough metal detectors inspection equipment. In 2008, the whole world attracted the attention of the Olympic Games held in Beijing China, the organizing committee to use a large number of high-specification digital metal detector gate Olympic success provides a strong guarantee. In 2009, the Asian Games in Guangzhou Guangzhou Yangcheng held , the committee also uses a large number of digital metal detector gates as walkthrough metal detectors, comparable to the size of the Olympic security.

The above two meetings organized by government departments in China will be held in international meetings, in order to maintain national dignity to defend their use of Chinese products the safety of guests. This indicates that the Chinese government attaches great importance to the security work. Each year, digital metal detector gate will be used in the field of the provincial transport, which held in each province will move every time the Games, the local digital Portable metal detector departments are always busy in the first line of security , they represent government departments but also our walkthrough metal detectors products with direct users. At present, all airports are using digital metal detector gate , the State Civil Aviation Administration of these products into the airport set a strict threshold, they explicitly requested , enter airport walkthrough metal detectors identification products must you know first go through the identification of the Civil Aviation Administration of walkthrough metal detectors equipment , but also through the use of the license after the Civil Aviation Administration of the Public Security Bureau , made them issued a " use permit after the book " is intended for use at the airport.

In the civilian market , walkthrough metal detectors products before entering the market must go through the Ministry of Public Security and Police Electronic Product Testing Center , get a qualified inspection report can be marketed only after , it shows that the government has always been in support of the development of the security industry.

In summary, our government has been supporting the growth of the security industry. See more at:bag x ray machine,X-ray security detector