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Classic Characteristics of Portable Metal Detector
Classic Characteristics of Portable Metal Detector

Metal items are used widely in our daily lives. When we enjoy the convenience that metal provide for us, we are supposed to concern about the risk from metals. To ensure people’s safety, characteristics of portable metal detector are used in many situations like in prison. It has a number of fantastic characteristics.

Portable metal detector is designed to detect metal items on people or objects. It is able to find out weapons and explosives that contain metal in luggage, package,explosive Scanner, mail and fabric. The surface of it is very sensible, which makes the operation is easy. The high sensitivity allows it to be applied in special situations like in prison, chip plant, archaeology and hospital.

It can also be used with metal detection door. When metal detector door gives an alarm, staffs can use portable metal detector to find out the exact location of metal items.

There is a type of bag Scanner. It is of small type without any regulation governor. When it finds metal, it responses quite quickly – it will make sounds and the LED will light. To some metal detector, if the metal detected is of small size, it will make sounds with low volume and frequency; on the contrary, if the metal detected is of big size, it will produce sounds with high volume and frequency.

Here is the summarization of the characteristics of one portable metal detector:

1. The operation of it is simple and easy, it’s convenient for operators to handle.

2. There is special antislip design on the hand grip, which is beneficial for working.

3. When operator uses it, there is no specific direction to follow. That is to say, if it detects metal, the lights on both sides of it will light.

4. It consumes low energy of battery. When it is in standby mode, the current flow will be zero; when it is working, the current flow will be less than 1mA.

5. It has really high accuracy, precision and baggage inspection. It even can detect very tiny metal items like a paper clip.

6. There is a reminder for battery’s voltage. The system of it would check the voltage of the battery continuously. If there is something wrong with the battery or the voltage is not enough for operating, the red alert will light to remind operator to replace the battery.

7. The size of it is small. Its length may be 410mm and its width may be 90 mm.

8. It is very light – its weight may be around 350g, so holding it may be quite easy.

Characteristics of portable waterproof metal detector are a kind of cheap metal detectors. With its help, we are able to detect metal conveniently. The characteristics of it are so nice that it is used widely.