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Development History of Metal Detector
Development History of Metal Detector

With the development of society, the rise in criminal cases, 1970 metal detector gate is introducing a new application areas - security check, which is the prototype of today's metal detector security doors we use, it appears to mean that the human perception of security has entered a new era.

the product's appearance led to the development of an industry, so that both strange and familiar security industry began to enter the market. 50 years later, the metal detector has undergone several generations of change detection technology, from the initial continuous wave signal analog technology to digital pulse technology until the technology used today, a simple X Ray inspection supplier were introduced several cutting principles of science and technology results. Many people know whether it is both a qualitative leap in the sensitivity, resolution and accuracy to detect for work performance. You should know applications along with the improvement of product quality extend to a number of industries.

70 years with the rapid development of the aviation industry and the risk of hijacking incidents occur so gradually aviation and airport security attention, so many devices at the airport metal detectors plays an important role in the investigation of prohibited items. Also in the 1970s, the metal detectors at the airport security emerge, major sporting events (such as the Olympics, Asian Games, National Games) safety and security exhibitions and important government departments began to enable the metal detectors as indispensable less security instruments.

Development of the 1980s, prison violence linear upward trend, how early and effective prevention of violence and prevent cases of prison management has become the most important task, relying on police to strengthen the management of prisoners at the same time, the baggage scanner price again prison authorities in developed countries has become the United States, Britain, Belgium and other security equipment necessary to form an average of 300 prisoners will be using a metal detector security doors for security ; Meanwhile handheld, portable metal detectors to get great development.

In the 1990s, the rapid warming of the electronics manufacturing industry has become the darling of this area, a large electronics companies in order to reduce product loss, ending an embarrassing situation between employees and the companies, have the use of a metal detectors for sale and hand-held metal detectors as a management employee behavior, reduce product loss razor. After the September 11 attacks, the international community against terrorism became an important issue. Rampant bombings, terrorist activities have made the terrorists national safety authorities vowing to fight the object. Affected by the events of September 11, businesses are working to strengthen the security of the deployment and the applications of metal detectors are also successfully penetrated into other sectors.