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Don’t Let These Items Close To Metal Detector
Don’t Let These Items Close To Metal Detector

Many people share the same embarrassing experience that they have to be checked for many times because some small mental items on their body triggered off the metal detector alarm. So before starting travelling, it’s better for you to read the guidelines given by TSA which points out what you can carry and what you can’t to the airplane. There are many metal detectors at every airport which are used to detecting dangerous items on your body or in your cheap metal detectors. If you bring something improper, metal detector can trigger the alarm. It gets really annoying when you have to open your bag and remove items because they are not allowed. Moreover, this leaded to long queues with people getting annoyed and flights getting delayed. Therefore, it is important to remember to pack your things properly in your carry on. Here I will have a brief introduction about metal detector targets.

Generally speaking, all the metal items are metal detector targets. However, items that are easily detectable by the security metal detectors include but are not limited to: razors,X-ray baggage security scanner, scissors, knives, and ice picks, box cutters, sporting items like baseball bats, golf clubs, bows and arrows, guns explosives. These items are not permitted to bring in, so you’d better left them. If you still have doubts of the items that you can carry, the best way is to ask the local airport authority if the item you are carrying will be considered harmful or not.

Permitted items like bulky jewelry, keys or coins, cell phone, belt and other accessories are also removed, because they trigger the alarm also. You may meet the familiar scene that people who are in line to pass through the airport metal detector can see that the person in front is being asked to remove their cell phone, hand bag, coins, belts and other such things before they step through the detector. If you really want to take items like knifes and other sharp objects, it is a good idea to keep them in the bags that are checked and will be kept in the luggage instead of being carried by you. Moreover, it is advised that all items that are in the pockets are removed before you step through the detector as any metal item can send the alarm off. If you are wearing bulky jewelry or carrying keys or coins in addition to a wallet, cell phone, belt and other accessories it is best that you put all things on the basket before you step through the detector.

These items are all luggage inspection targets. If you don’t want to mess up your travel in airport, you’d better read this information firstly.