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Handheld Metal Detector Used in the National Colle
Handheld Metal Detector Used in the National Colle

Every year, the college entrance examination is one of the most important events of the summer. Many students want to change their paths of life by taking part in the examination. The National College Entrance Examination is a summary of three years of high school educational level for Chinese students. It is a relatively fair and open form of talent selection. Based on the results of the National College Entrance Examination, according to the differences in learning, students are sent into the institutions which are suitable for learning ability of each student.

Since the National College x-ray security machines is such an important event in our country, certainly we should use the suitable methods to ensure the fairness of the examination. That is why handheld metal detector is used in the examination. Actually, handheld metal detector types are various and the handheld metal detector used for examination entrance check is only a small category. Among all handheld metal detector types, handheld metal detector used in the examination is the most common we have ever seen. In fact, as early as a few years ago, handheld metal detector has been used in the college entrance examination. A that time, attention and questions are very few. However, recently, the handheld metal detector has raised a hot discussion. Do you know why?

We all know that most of the girls are wearing bras. There are steel rings inside the bra. The handheld metal detector can detect the steel ring and it will bring a lot of trouble. Therefore, many girls change bras into vests. In addition to bras, watch, x-ray screening system, belt, pants, metal zippers and buttons are all prohibited. Many people think it too strict. In addition, the detection might cause the increasing of the pressure and affect the performance in the examination. However, there are more favorable opinions. The development of science and technology makes the high-tech cheating technology hard to be prevented. The cheating technology seriously affects the fair of competition and selection. Therefore, handheld metal detector is necessary. Only the students detected by the handheld metal detector can get into the examination classrooms.

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