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Handheld Narcotics Detecting Equipment
Handheld Narcotics Detecting Equipment

Introduction to handheld narcotics detecting equipment

Handheld narcotics detecting equipment is used for rapid and accurate identification of unknown drug. This handheld narcotics detecting equipment is a worldwide police equipment that has a broad application of Raman spectrometer. The equipment is specially designed for the first time response of the dangerous site, it is light, durable, at the same time in seconds to give accurate results.

The handheld narcotics detecting equipment has passed the standard 810 f (MIL - STD for robustness requirement, including the drop, shock, vibration and the use of extreme temperature requirements. Military standard MIL - STD 810F to the requirement of robustness is one of the most demanding standards worldwide.

This type of handheld narcotics baggage x ray scanner has excellent performance, portability; accuracy and durability greatly meet the requirements of the current for unknown drug testing.

The handheld metal detector has a very high detection sensitivity, which can directly detect the extremely tiny amounts of heroin, marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, viruses, and methamphetamine and other drugs .Precursor chemicals detection sensitivity can reach more than 10 to 9 grams, the testing time only need 10 seconds, and it is currently the most practical drug testing instrument in the world.

It is a kind of handheld narcotics detecting equipment developed by the IMS ion migration spectrum technology, using the trace sample generation, migration, identification of ion and ionic signal processing such as new and high technology. This handheld narcotics detecting equipment is suitable for public security, customs, border anti-drug department is investigated using the parcel or luggage drugs such as high-tech equipment.

Main features for the handheld narcotics detecting equipment:

Identify the results (30 seconds) rapidly and accurately. By Raman spectroscopy can test the drugs at the scene of the unknown solids, liquids (including aqueous solution and other types of solution) for rapid identification

This X-ray baggage Inspection system has large drug spectral library, or you can build your own drugs according to the library.

This can also include: drug, drug precursor, such as white powder, is used to identify the identity of the unknown chemicals.

Lightweight and ergonomic design makes the handheld narcotics detecting equipment popular. Weighs is less than 1.8 Kg, even if the user wearing heavy protective clothing can also be convenient to operate.

The handheld narcotics detecting equipment is designed for field use. Conform to the standard 810 f (MIL - STD for robustness requirement. The preheating time of the handheld narcotics detecting equipment is less than 1 minute, at the same time, the battery can provide 5 hours of continuous use.

The identification of target type: Operator can through the glass or translucent plastic container direct test, the test method of reducing the pollution of the samples, but also avoid the operator to a great extent under exposure to potentially harmful substances. Besides this way of testing, the device also incorporates a small bottle of adapter; the operator can also use the sampling method to test the samples. See more at:x ray baggage machine X-ray baggage security scanner