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High-Quality X ray Machine is Safe
High-Quality X ray Machine is Safe

According to the fields X ray machine used in, x-ray security machines specifications can be divided into many types. For example, the X ray machine used in the hospital and X ray machine used in the railway station and airport are of X-ray security machines specifications. Not only the X-ray security machines specifications, but also the X ray machine radiation is different. x ray machine used in security area like airport and railway station has far less instrument radiation dose than medical diagnostic baggage x ray machine. The radiation around the X ray machine used in the security inspection area is very weak and even a full-time operator do not need protection to ensure his security.

According to a research, chest X-ray inspection in the hospital has radiation dose of about 50μGy. It means that if we stay five centimeters close to the x ray machine for 50 hours, the radiation dose is equivalent of a medical x ray chest. That is to say, if we walk through a X ray machine twice a day for 365 days a year, we can received radiation dose not more than 0.01mSv (10μSv). The value is only the equivalent of 1.5 days of natural background radiation dose or the radiation dose of flight 2 hours by plane. Therefore, x ray machine, no matter what X-ray security machines specifications will not cause harm to the passengers. However, if we put our hands into blocking strip to take the package, the amount of radiation will increased to a certain extent. Therefore, the dangerous behavior should be avoided.

Apart from cheap metal detectors of less radiation, we can provide all X-ray security machines specifications that have many advantages as follows:

1. Ray emission is under automatic control to avoid mistakenly launching.

2. Hawkeye can easily see the current magnified area.

3. Improve the brightness in the dark areas so that the high absorbent article hidden behind can be clearly shown.

4. Image storage can save any images in real time and do any image processing. It works continuously.

X ray machine is to protect you. Do not afraid of the radiation as the radiation is small which can be even ignored. If you are in need of X ray machine, you can get in touch with us as we are professional in manufacturing all X-ray security machines specifications. You can contact us by visiting What are you waiting for? We can provide any equipment related with security inspection you want. - See more at: luggage inspection,baggage inspection