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How Airport Security Works with Baggage Scanner
How Airport Security Works with Baggage Scanner

Have you seen baggage scanner ? I believe travellers have seen baggage scanner when they need to take a bus or train or flight. But they don't know how it works. Here are information about baggage scanne in airport and how it works.

The first safety check in airport is the checking of your bags. In the United States, most main airports own a computer tomography (CT) scanner. A cheap metal detectors your bag with a hollow tube. The X-ray mechanism turns over slowly around it to bombard it with X-rays and record the resulting data. All of this data have been used by the CT scanner to create a very detailed tomogram (slice) of the bag. The scanner is possible to calculate the majority and density of individual objects in your bag depended on this tomogram. If mass or density of an object falls within the range of a dangerous material, the operator will be warned by the CT scanner of a potential dangerous object.

CT scanners works slowly in comparison to other types of luggage inspection. Due to this, we don't use them to check every bag any more in modern society. Instead, we only check bags that the computer marks as "suspicious". Any anomaly that shows up in the reservation or check-in process may cause these markers. For instance, if a person buys a one-way ticket and pays cash, we will consider this as atypical and it could lead to the computer to mark that person. When it happens, it is immediately to send that person's checked bags through the CT scanner, which is usually located somewhere close to the ticketing counter. In most other countries, especially in Europe, all your belongings are run through a scanning system, which are basically larger types of the x ray baggage scanner used for carry-on items. High-speed, automated machines combined with the normal baggage-handling system and higher KVP ranges of the X-rays are the main diversities.

It is pretty obvious that taking a gun or bomb on a plane is not allowed with all of these detectors, scanners and sniffers. There are a lot of things that you cannot take on a plane, and some of that also can't be packed in your bags. One is explosives such as fireworks, ammunition, sparklers, matches, gunpowder, signal flares, etc. Next are weapons like guns, swords, pepper spray, mace, and so on. Last but not least, they are pressurized containers, poisons and corrosives such as car batteries, acids, drain cleaner, solvents, bleach, pool chemicals and flammable perfume. 

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