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Introduction of Cost-effective Radiation Monitorin
Introduction of Cost-effective Radiation Monitorin

With the development of technology, radiation has been known by more and more people. Most people try their best to resist radiation. They wear radiation-proof clothes, they use segregation frost and they even eat food with isolating functions. Though they pay special attention to radiation, how could they monitor radiation? Here cost-effective X-ray security detector will be introduced to you.

Radiation monitoring system is usually applied for security alert at the entrance and exit of border, customs, courier companies, government buildings and other important institutions. Due to the market competition, the radiation monitoring system keeps to be improved to be more cost-effective.

Due to the Portable metal detector has been generally used in the exits of markets and library, most people already saw them in the daily life. But people might not have a better understanding of how it works. And how the cost-effective radiation monitoring system could cut the cost. It will be introduced here. The security screening system set a pair of detectors on both sides of road at the exits. Each PMT detector has two 2 inches in diameter photomultiplier tubes. The vintage model radiation monitoring system are always been activated, so it has a high range of operating costs.

Cost-effective radiation monitoring system applied a visual system to decrease the operating costs. The radiation monitoring system set a background light source, and during the idle state the main system will not activate the protection condition. Moreover, the important point is to set up the light sensors at the two detectors, when nothing appears, detection system continuously measuring the environment natural background, when there are anything goes through, due to cut off the light, the system will start instantly monitoring system.

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