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Introduction of X-ray baggage Inspection system
Introduction of X-ray baggage Inspection system

Baggage and parcel inspection is usually difficult and time consuming; however, it is absolutely necessary to check them to make sure security in most public places such as before boarding the airplane or getting on the train. x ray baggage scanner price, provides inclusive environment screening for event security, stadiums and military, it is a useful checkpoint but highly mobile and visually unobtrusive to people.

X-rays are widely used in baggage scanning at airports and station to check whether the passengers are carrying items which are prohibited and dangerous on board, such as drugs, explosives and weapons. X-ray is produced by X-ray tube and X-ray beam is shaped into a fan shape and diodes will perform as detector to monitor the beam. When the baggage passing through the scanner, the item inside will absorb the X-ray and the entire signal will be turned into visible image and project on a screen. Apart from being used for detecting luggage, X-ray inspection system can be also used for body and truck scanner.

What is the theory of x-ray security machine? Let me tell you. In a X-ray luggage machine working theory system, the X-ray will pass through several part, first detection device, second a filter and at last another detector. When your bag roll into the system, X-ray will pass through the bag and items inside, and they picked up by the detector. And then X-ray luggage machine working theory will be passed on to the filter. The filter can block out lower-energy X-rays and high-energy X-rays are remained and hit the second detector. After that, computer of the system will compare these pick-ups of the two detectors in order to project low-energy item more clearly. Different items and a lot of materials are displayed on different colors according to the range of energy pass through the items because different materials absorb X-ray at different level, and in consequence you can distinguish different items inside the bag on the monitor. There are mainly three categories can be represented: organic, inorganic and metal. Generally speaking, organic is usually represented by shades of orange because most of the explosives are organic. Anything that could contain dangerous items such as weapon and explosives can be detected by the system.

There is a misunderstanding that X-Ray baggage scanner will bring damage to film and electronic media. But in reality, these systems are all film-safe because the amount of radiation is not high enough to damage film and electronic media has better ability to withstand radiation than film, it naturally will be damaged by X-ray inspection system. Modern X-ray inspection machines for luggage apply lower energy pencil-thin beam of radiation than the past which scan back and forth the bag when it move across the machine and the sensors become more sensitive to absorb these lower x-rays. Updated X-ray baggage Inspection system has excellent shielding and therefore makes it safer to use. Some people are concern about the food safety that has been through an X-ray inspection device because these scanners for baggage control operate is at very low energy and the radiation level it give is even lower than food irradiation facility.