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Learn More Specifications of Baggage Scanner
Learn More Specifications of Baggage Scanner

As we all know, at present, it is very useful for the X-Ray baggage scanner to scan the logistics, temples, airports, public gather for protection. Different baggage scanner has different specifications. Here is some information about the X-ray baggage scanner specifications for you. Let's learn it now.

One of the X-ray baggage scanner specifications is the working principle of X-ray baggage scanners. When the items in the luggage to be checked are subjected to x-ray radiation, it will forbid the package detection sensor. An operator assist helps the operator with highlighting suspect objects usually of Z-number and these objects are a double energy system or particular density without blocking the belt. People usually use operator assist for automatic check of narcotic, contrabands, and explosives. When a detection signal is sent to the system control part, X-rays makes trigger signal to trigger X-ray source releasing X-ray beam. After that, the fan X-ray beam collimator will be passed through by a beam according to convey articles seized on the band. Not until energy semiconductor detector fully takes in the X-rays, X-rays will be installed in the passage. At last the X-ray security detector will become a weak signal and the signal will be expanded and sent to the signal processing chassis for further processing.

Other X-ray baggage scanners specification is the sizes of X-ray baggage scanners. In fact, the X-ray baggage scanner scales range from small to large in different places. They are divided into big X-ray baggage scanner, medium X-ray baggage scanner and small X-ray baggage scanner. People widely use the big X-ray baggage scanner to check and scan baggage in air ports, multiplexes, railway stations, cargo field and so on. Medium X-ray machine are diffusely used in government buildings or some public building. People use the small X-ray baggage scanner for inner package check at banks, government buildings, ports, airports, hotels and post offices widely. It is very effective for this small size X-ray baggage scanner to detect mini bomb in letters.

The final X-ray baggage scanner specifications are the conservation of X-ray baggage scanner. The people who use X-ray baggage scanner should make sure the lead curtain is complete with favorable performance far away from the radiation, which is safe for both of the crew and the travelers as well. When something is wrong for the airport security X-ray baggage scanners, the crew needs to ask the related experts for help in time to ensure the finish of the airport security X-ray baggage scanners use. Lubing the delivering belt and cleaning the components frequently are also very necessary.

Above all is the basic knowledge of X-ray baggage scanner specifications. For more information, please visit the website through the link