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Metal Detector Door Products
Metal Detector Door Products

In modern society, we can see waterproof metal detector door in both public and private buildings. In metal detector door market, there are many kinds of baggage scanners. Today I will provide several metal detector door products for those who are in need of metal detector door to consult.

The first kind of metal detector door product is EI-V3000 High Sensitivity Digital X Ray inspection supplier. It has pure digital processing technology featuring proprietary "multi-layer overlapping coil". It has many high-tech functions such as auto detected, working time status display, self-diagnosis, strong anti-interference ability and audio-light alarm for failure. The normal working distance is 30cm between each unit, but distance can be reduced to 5cm under special operating conditions. Moreover, it has applied original "fly" detection technology which has a high efficient detection performance not affected by any surrounding static and dynamic metals. In addition, it has super environmental adaptive capacity, automatic selection of the best frequency, manual adjustable up to 100 Options. Made by high-strength materials, the product is waterproof, fireproof, anticorrosive and shockproof. It can be continuously used for 24Hrs under normal conditions.

The second kind of metal detector door product is EI-V4000 High Sensitivity Digital Metal Detector Door. EI-V4000 High sensitivity digital walkthrough metal detection gate use excellent electromagnetic testing and digital processing technology,achieve high sensitive as a tiny metal piece like a paper clip can be detected; Continuous detection without constituencies’ limited. Besides all feature of EI-V3000 High Sensitivity Digital Metal Detector Door, EI-V4000 High Sensitivity Digital x ray baggage scanner price has a bidirectional counting function of precision number. EI-4000 is designed for Prison, Bus Station, Bank, Airport, Factory and other critical areas.

The third kind of metal detector door product is EI-MD3000A High Sensitivity Digital Metal Detector Door. EI-MD3000A high sensitivity digital walkthrough metal detector use excellent electromagnetic testing and digital processing technology, has high detection sensitivity of the magnetic metal and nonmagnetic metal, and good recognition for personal items such as Coins, keys, belt buckle, etc. multi-layered overlapping coil design, with high-brightness LEDs to show the horizontal position of metal objects accurately, which can be easy for operator to make has 24 detecting area and each area can set sensitivity alone. Apart from those, It has applied highly integrated DSP digital processing technology, so you don’t need   tools to adjust it.

These are three kind of metal detector door products provided by Shanghai Eastimage Company who has firstly reach the A level Chinese national testing standards in China. If you are interested in these metal detector door products, you can visit metal detector door for more information.