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More Use of Back Scattering X-ray Scanner
More Use of Back Scattering X-ray Scanner

Along with the changing of terrorism harm human terror in the form of various countries around the world also stepped up efforts to upgrade its cities station, airport security scanners. At present, airport has been widely using X-ray scanner. As one of the explosive Scanner, the back scattering X-ray scanner scanning imaging principle, adopt the x-ray bag scan equipment collected by check back scattering X-ray images of the human body, a negative image, can highlight from low atomic number material elements, especially rich hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen substance. Explosive and drug substances belong to this kind of organic matter, the X-ray scattering ability is very strong, strong scattering signal is collected, X-ray scanner shown on the image gray scale is brighter, so, the back scattering X-ray scanner can found the body carrying explosives and other dangerous goods. At the same time, the metal objects, such as guns and knives, for X ray scattering ability is low, the collected signal is low, under the background of scattering in the human body, the human body to carry these dangerous weapons are easy to be found. So, the back scattering X-ray scanner not only completed the function of the metal detector door detect metal weapons, also can detect explosives and explosive devices.

Airport usually adopt double back scattering Narcotics detection, consists of two basic same back scattering body check equipment composition, relative placement, the inspectors to stand in the middle of the two X-ray scanners, two sets of equipment to complete the two side of the check to the human body. When passengers through the back scattering scanning platform, X rays, it only takes a few seconds to scan out of each side, speed is not lower than the metal detector door. However, the X-ray scanner has obvious flaws. Owing to the X-ray security detecting system using X-ray cannot penetrate the skin, some suspect some physical properties can be used to escape the X-ray scanner to scan. Body fat, for example, passengers can use pounds or privacy organs to hide a small amount of explosives and even miniature pistol.

In recent years, the back scattering liquid scanner has been increasingly disposed and used at the airport in the United States, and has a tendency to replace the metal detector door. This kind of security equipment has also gradually accepted by the passengers. At present, some airports in Anglo-American countries widely used back scattering x-ray security machine. New pattern, greater performance devices will be there serving us. If you are proficient in the scanner technology and good at observation, no hard to find more advanced X-ray scanner and new products have been on trial at the capital airport.

People of bag Scanner is threatening health concerns focused on the back scattering X-ray scanner, because this way of scanning using X-ray is much bigger than the strength of the millimeter wave, many people even worry that it causes skin cancer. Some opposition back scattering X-ray scanner the research results show that certain types of cancer cases is made up of the back scattering caused by X-ray scanner. However, more and more researchers against the results of the study, because there are lots of factors have led to cancer in the case of can't rule out other factors, should not carcinogenic factors identified as back scattering scanning.