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Security Door Radiation is in a Safe Range
Security Door Radiation is in a Safe Range

Security door is an important kind of security inspection machines. Among all security inspection machines, security door is the most common to see no matter at the railway station or at the airport. Many people are afraid of X Ray inspection supplier radiation especially the pregnant women. They worry that security door radiation may hurt the babies even the babies have not born yet.

In recent days at the airport in Tianjin, Miss Yang who had been pregnant for four months needed to travel far from home because of family affairs. However, no matter travel by train of plane, it is necessary for her to go through the security door. She heard that the security inspection machine like security door had radiation which might affect the fetus. She asked whether she could take the "green channel" instead of going through the x ray baggage scanner price. Consulted the train station and airport staff, she was told that everyone needed to go through the security inspection machine. Miss Yang worried about security door radiation a lot.

With the doubt that how much radiation does security inspection machine has, we ask staff works in the Tianjin Binhai International Airport. Security officials said, in fact, security door radiation is little. This radiation on the human body almost does not count. In accordance with the regulations, each passenger must pass through security before boarding gate. The pregnant women are without exception.

Previously, security door has radiation actually. However, with the development of science and technology, the security door is safer nowadays. The working principle of X-ray security inspection system is as follows: through the solenoid, pulse is formed. Echo which goes through the body's biological tissues is different from the echo goes through controlled knives and other metal items. Therefore, by comparing the echo, we can confirm that whether the passenger carries prohibited items.

Learning so much information about security doors, do you still worry about the radiation? I think the radiation is not large enough to hurt you so that you can disburden. If you are considering buying security inspection machines, I recommend that you should take our company into consideration because we are famous manufacturer of x-ray security machines in China. You can buy our products at a reasonable price if you want. At the same time, we are sure to give you the best products we produced. If you have question and advice, you can also contact us by visiting x-ray security machine.