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Security Inspection Device with Double-lead-curtai
Security Inspection Device with Double-lead-curtai

The utility model is something relevant to a security inspection device with a double-lead-curtain structure. The security inspection device is mainly made up of a casing, a channel arranged in the casing and a conveyor belt piercing the channel, where in a diversity of X ray tubes which are arranged above the conveyor belt and a detector put below the conveyor belt are arranged alone in the casing, and anti-radiation double-lead-curtain shields are respectively arranged at an entrance and an exit of the channel. The double-lead-curtain shields at the entrance and exit of the casing can prevent the baggage inspection from casting out from the entrance and validly protect the X-rays, thus infinitely decreasing the radiation of the security inspection device, and effectively protecting the safety and health of the staff and passengers.

With the increasing number of metro lines, the demand of public safety of subway is rather high. Conducting security inspection devices on the subway has become a necessity to make sure of public safety. More and more devices are being conveyed and used in various security checkpoint subways. X-ray security machine has a strong penetration, but for those people who pass from the device for a few seconds twice a day, this radiation leakage is minimal, generally we don’t regard it harmful to human health. However, in the case of the real world, owing to the rush of passengers through security inspection device near the entrance who often reach the bag screening machine entrance, are also usually anxious for taking away the hand into the screening machine exports lead curtain. In this process, passengers will be exposed to imminent huge doses of radiation. For instance, in Beijing, even if there are only 0.01 percent of metal detector door into the security inspection device, it means that hundreds of people are being exposed to large doses of radiation everyday.

In the rush-time period in subway, it is a common phenomenon that the security inspection device has to seize several bags conveying on the conveyor belt for continuous emission at the same time, thus causing lead screens synchronously tilted to one side. The opening in the baggage scanner price chamber line will have the opportunity to lead from the opening curtain leakage at the next staff, especially does harm to the staff stand by. Security inspection device with double-lead-curtain structure which is said earlier, the radiation shield comprises a casing, settled in the radiation shield double curtain, the curtain outside of the two lead. Two curtains can effectively reduce probability of the leak of scattering line when the curtain is lifted.

The advantages of this new invention-- X-ray security detector with double-lead-curtain structure are that: the enclosure entrance curtain shield layer can efficiently cover the X-rays to prohibit the X-rays from being projected out from the entrance. The security inspection device can substantially reduce radiation. In other words, it is an effective way to protect the physical health of staff and passengers.