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The Advantage of X-ray Security Baggage Scanner
The Advantage of X-ray Security Baggage Scanner

Safety testing of X-ray security detector is mainly detection to the briefcase, backpack, small packages and mail, which has good effect for the prohibited item. And today we will introduce the advantage of X-ray security baggage scanner to make the audience know much more about it. And we also put forward to some updated types of baggage security scanners.

X-ray security baggage scanner has the superior image quality and high throughput and flexibility, etc. Its wide application allows the operator scan briefcases, backpacks, postal parcels, packaging, and other small items effectively and accurately. The advantage of x-ray security machines is that its superior imaging performance that ensure enough to detect all kinds of dangerous goods, including weapons, drugs, explosives, and other contraband can be rapid detection.

Three different length of the conveyor belt of the baggage inspection can meet different environmental requirements. Where it is necessary to set up security checkpoints, such as the passenger terminal building, government buildings, or companies with high risk, our economic and reliable X-ray security baggage scanner is your ideal choice.

Advanced X-ray security baggage scanner

X-ray security baggage scanner is to use X-ray through the object to distinguish objects. As the situation changes, X-ray security baggage scanner also has many improvements that are made in different ways to make its performance greatly increased. Thus the advantage of baggage x ray is varied. Institute of the ministry of public security, for example, the first development and production of double Angle X-ray security baggage scanner is widely used in airports, ports, stations, and the security check. Double Angle X-ray security baggage scanner adopt bottom, side shot two X-ray sources, which can provide luggage items in two directions at the same time. X-ray images avoided the unclear images caused by a single perspective direction view. This really improves the reliability of the inspection. At the same time there are many energy X-ray security baggage scanner, dual channel more energy X-ray security baggage scanner, large emergence Angle X-ray security baggage scanner etc. All of them have a great advantage of the X-ray security baggage scanner.

Backscatter X-ray imaging system

It is different from general X-Ray baggage scanner, the system of X-ray security baggage scanner is extremely weak, and it will not penetrate the human body. It equals to basking in the sun exposure of 5 minutes in the sea. This light is reflecting back to human skin in less than 1 second time carried by a human body and its electronic images of all the things is okay. This device is suitable for using in a human body safety inspection. It can also use two probes before and after the plateau z material with low atomic number material detected respectively. Through the proper image processing, it can obtain high resolution image. This device is applicable to the luggage check, large car flow check and large truck inspection system.