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The Content of Airport Security Scanners
The Content of Airport Security Scanners

Security check is a matter of personal safety of passengers, so passengers must allow boarding only after inspection. That is to say, there are no special object exempted from inspection when passing airport security scanners. No matter if you are foreign workers, government leaders or ordinary passengers, male or female, and no matter what nationalities and classes you are, you must go through the airport security scanners.

The main content of safety inspection is to check whether the passenger and his security screening system carry guns, ammunition, explosive, corrosive, poisonous and radioactive and other dangerous items, which aims to ensure the safety of the aircraft and passengers. Safety inspection must be conducted before the passenger boarding. Those who refused to inspectors are not allowed to be boarding, and they pay for what they lose.

The security check usually has four inspection methods: TV monitoring machine, detection of inspection door, magnetic detector and manual inspection.TV monitoring machine is mainly used to check passenger's luggage items. Detection inspection door which is for physical examination of passengers, mainly checks the passengers if they carry forbidden items; Magnetic detector, also known as portable detector, mainly used for the close examination of passengers; Manual inspection, obviously, is performed by the security staff.

How does the airport security scanner perform? And what’s the airport security scanner procedures?

(1) the luggage check: when passengers enter the terminal,they will firstly put their luggage on the testing machine conveyor belt, the staff will put the stickers which is labeled "XX airport baggage security check" through the television screen after checking;

(2) passengers certificate check: after the passengers finished the luggage transportation and boarding formalities, they need to hand their passport, ticket and boarding pass to the inspectors to check and they will get a safety inspection chop on the boarding pass;

(3) hand luggage items check: passengers should put their hand luggage items on the conveyor belt monitored by television monitoring machine. If there are something wrong with it, the inspector will open the packet for inspection;

(4) passengers physical examination: passengers need to go through a special detecting door for physical examination. Detectors such as alarm, also need check again, or return. It will send out alarm keys, when cigarettes, lighters, or metal objects drawn are found in your packet.

Widely used for many years, the airport x ray scanner, such as magnetic needle, metal weapons inspection door, such as X-ray machine, which can find weapons and explosive dangerous goods, played an important role in safety inspection work. Overall, the airport security scanner is indispensable and necessary for both passengers and the airport staff. It not only makes us have peace in mind, but also guarantees the safety of the aircraft.

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