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The Favorable Price of the Baggage Scanner
The Favorable Price of the Baggage Scanner

Recently, American airport adopts a kind of new X ray baggage scanner and this newest X ray baggage scanner price is 1.7 million dollars. The x ray baggage machine is used security check of consign and hand baggage in airport. The passing baggage needs to be checked by the x ray radiation, and the unabsorbed radiation of the passing baggage will be collected on the surface of the image detector. And these detectors will output ultralow level electricity that needs the adjustment of special signal. In addition, it also needs high resolution data transverter to reach the necessary resolution ratio so as to show the scanned baggage correctly. This kind of signal conditioning sometimes is included in monolithic data collection solutions, such as the situation of transformation of attached electricity of precise analog-digital converter to voltage. In addition, discrete extreme undercurrent or noise front-end amplifier measures and magnifies the output current of the surface of the image detector and then drive independent voltage input.

In addition, the core system of the baggage x ray scanner which has high x ray baggage scanner price include following parts.

1. DSP processor

The DSP processor can be used as image reconstruction, which adopts the receiving signal of the image detector area array to generate the image of scanned baggage.

2. Amplifier

The amplifier is going to be used in amplification of low to intermediate frequency signal of the ADC image detector area array and it needs to use ultralow electricity as well as noise amplifier. And all of these are amplitude module to realize the required wide dynamic range. In addition, due to different signal amplitude, generally it is necessary to be equipped with a low noise mutual impedance amplifier.

3. Transverter

The ADC generally possesses the transition of integration current to voltage. And the transverter of the baggage scanner with high X-ray baggage security scanner price can be used to convert the low level electricity to the data information that is processed by the computing element. And when the independent front-end amplifier offers transition of electricity to voltage, generally it is needed to use voltage to input ADC, which is the commonly used establishing basis of the array.

4. Power Management

The power management of high baggage scanner price is able to offer the acquisition system to be used in supply of control system.

5. Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor of the X-ray baggage Inspection system with high baggage scanner price generally has many galleries, leading to the temperature increment of the environment in system, so as to call for cooling controlled by fan.

Although the x ray baggage scanner price is expensive, it is worthy of it due to strong security checking performance. and it is playing significant role in airport baggage scanning industry.