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The Hand-Held Metal Detector Instrument
The Hand-Held Metal Detector Instrument

The sensitive surfaces of special appearance make the operation very easy. It is better than circular sensor type hand probing. It has high sensitivity and can be special used in prison, fab, archaeological research hospital, etc. Hand-held metal detector (hand-held metal detectors) is used to check the location of the person carrying metal, also can be used with metal detector door, when the "security" alarm X-ray luggage scanner, we use a hand-held metal detectors can find the accurate position of the metal items.

In general: hand held detector instrument function characteristics:
1, the operation is simple and convenient.
2, hand part uses the antiskid design, easy to work.
3, omnidirectional operation - when detect the metal, both sides are glowing red alert light alarm
4, very low battery consumption - standby current to zero and less than 1 mA at work.
5, high precision and sensitivity - can accurately detect the tiny metal objects (0.1 g or even smaller).
6, battery x ray scanning machine baggage constantly testing power supply, battery failure, voltage is insufficient, when the voltage is less than did not detect the metal the red Alert light will turn on to display you need to replace the battery.   7 can produce different alarm tones according to the size of the metal in a noisy environment can be an external headset.

The application of hand-held metal detectors instrument, for example: Dalian 43000 people take part in this year's college entrance examination; an increase in the number of candidates brings great challenges to test capacity. The test rooms of 1500 are also unprecedented. In order to guarantee the university entrance exam candidates have a fair competition environment, a variety of the university entrance exam cheating prevention measures have been adopted, the first time this year the university entrance exam has a metal detector.

Hand held detector use high-tech means to make in the college entrance examination. In order to create a fair and just examination platform, the province's request, confidential room need to do network monitoring, in the college entrance examination at the same time to build a baggage scanners, to enable the mobile phone signal shielding device during the test, the above admissions have imposed in Dalian. New enabling technology is used in handle detectors, when candidates enters the examination room, we need to check them with detectors then students are allowed to enter the examination room.

All government asked this year in Liaoning province of Liaoning province college entrance examination site need installation and full use of electronic surveillance video system, the test process will be locked up of print CD submitted to the provincial administrative pending investigation. These devices will be completed by May 25.On the premise of ensuring the security of the test, the key to prevent escalating in recent years by the department of education and high-tech cheating by modern communication tools, to crack down on the crime of endangering the college entrance examination.