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The Importance of Subway Security Scanner
The Importance of Subway Security Scanner

With the development of the conurbation, subway has become a good way to ease traffic pressure. So the subway in various big cities emerges like bamboo shoots. The subway also becomes dense-population hub, so it seems that the security check is especially important. Generally, security inspection device is arranged at the subway entrance to ensure that no one will carry contraband which may cause safety precautions.

What kind of items belongs to prohibited goods? Generally speaking, guns, military or police tools, explosive category, knives, inflammable objects, metal detector gate, corrosive and radioactive items belong to the prohibited items that can’t be carried into the subway.

Subway security check inspectors’ job is to guide passengers to accept luggage check detected by security scanner. Their work is very monotonous, but rather vital, involving security events. When passengers put their bags into the security scanner, the inspector will check the color on the screen to determine whether there is any contraband through the perspective image by the x ray baggage scanner.

The screen of the security scanner can show the perspective image of the luggage. Various items have different lines and colors. While looking at these colorful images, we probably can’t distinguish anything, but the inspectors are clear at a glance. Orange represents the organic materials including water, food, plastic, etc; books, ceramic such items are displayed for green; the metal will appear blue. Inspectors must combine color and shape to judge whether there are any contraband immediately. Encounter with liquid, it should be tested with liquid detector to make sure that the liquid is safe.

To find out the prohibited goods through the stormy colors and lines is their job. Though boring and tedious, it does matter. It is inspectors’ cautious and conscientious work that enables people to take the underground safely and enjoy the modern high-speed traffic.

With the arrival of summer days, women who pursue beauty have already worn cool and refreshing, and go out with a pretty handbag. However, when mentioning the subway security scanner, it makes these women helpless. They have no choice but to put their bags on the cheap metal detectors equipment to accept security check. That may get their beloved bags dirty.

In order to keep the passengers’ bags clean and remain beautiful, the subway company has allocated 1800 security configuration baskets in 378 checkpoints and corresponding cleaning supplies. This avoids handbags being put on the security scanners directly, thus being rubbed stains on the conveyor belt and being hard to clean.

Along with the evolution of rail transit network, an increasing number of people are willing to go out by subway. The subway company insist the principal that encounter with bags and liquids, stop to accept inspection. On the condition of luggage inspection, it is also necessary to improve the quality of security as well as the quality of service to create a harmonious environment with the travelling passengers together. Equipped security checkpoints with security basket are such a behavior to improve security quality and service quality in the interest of passengers.