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The Important of security doors
The Important of security doors

Frame material is also one of the important aspects of the quality of security doors, since the amount of the signal to be detected electromagnetic environment under secure metal produced is very small, so that the signal processing is usually enlarged several times in order to meet the requirements of the driving circuit, the first stage of the sensor even if Only a small displacement,door Frame metal detector after amplification circuit, enough to cause alarm, security door thus requiring prolonged use of the shell in the process of deformation as small as possible.

Security doors are designed to be independent of the frame-like, door equipped with sensors are thin and long shape, thickness only fifty-six centimeters (5cm-6cm), but the length of two hundred and twenty centimeters (220CM) above. Since the installation environment and long working relationship, the door is easily deformed, so that the sensor parameters and factory are too different, the impact detection results, not long to work. Currently the majority of domestic manufacturers are using sawdust board or high density wood fiber board to do the security gate housing; we all know, sawdust board or high density wood fiber extremely hygroscopic moisture, after a few months time will be deformed, dispersion , disintegration; especially in coastal areas due to air humidity and a long rainy season,Hand metal scanner after a very short time to purchase these security door products can not be used. Good security door production enterprises attach great importance to product quality, such as the shell is made of high-strength PVC material doorframe only with aluminum production, this material is not easily deformed, not damp, ensure long-term normal use, the product carriers also use the Decade no maintenance.


Moreover, some enterprises in order to product appearance, extensive use of metal decorative materials to decorate the enclosure. Because the security door is designed to detect metal objects, such as a large metal decoration materials, is a highly destabilizing factor. Sometimes, because when people come through the gate so that the door vibration caused by wind resistance, the metal door frame and the receiving sensor produces a displacement generating chaos alarm. These enterprises are technically impossible to break due to detect metal, then in appearance and fancy features fuss, low-cost strategy to lower market sights. Itself with a strong seismic capacity. When subjected to external shock when, not like other security doors, like fiddling, then there will clearly show the words "shock protection" on its LCD screen. A high level of user in the procurement Shihai is quality, performance, security-based, the price is a secondary factor.See more at:Portable metal detector,security screening system