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The Principle of X-ray Security Inspection Equipme
The Principle of X-ray Security Inspection Equipme

Undoubtedly, X-ray is one of the most important discoveries in the 19 centuries. Since the professor Wilhelm Rontgen firstly find the fantastic phenomenon of X-ray, our lives have been changed a lot with the rapid development of technology. X-ray is a kind of electromagnetic radiation. Generally the wavelength of X-ray fluctuates from 0.01 to 10 nanometers. According to the different wavelength, there’re approximately two main types of X-rays, which are soft X-ray and hard X-ray. However, x ray scanning machine baggage are widely used in the field of medical treatment and X-ray security inspection equipment. For recent years, people all round the world have paid more and more attentions on the counter-terrorism and public safety. Thus, the demand for X-ray security inspection equipment has kept sharply rising for these years, meaning the market of X-ray security inspection equipment will continuously expand further.

X-ray security inspection equipment is a kind of x-ray baggage scanners used widely in the train station, airport station, subway and other public places. Because the wavelength of X-ray is much shorter than the visible light, the X-ray has stronger penetrating power. Some data shows that X-ray can even penetrate through a piece of steel plate. The principle of X-ray security inspection equipment is based on the different feedback we can detect when X-ray contacts different objects. Normally speaking, the thick object such as metal with high density will absorb more X-rays while the X-ray can penetrate easily the wood. There’s a special devices can accept the X-rays getting through the objects in the X-ray luggage scanner equipment. Hence, we can quickly adjust if there’re metals in the packages. For example, the controlling screen can display a long black shadow on the condition that there’s a big knife hid inside the bags which is moving on the conveyed belt. With the help of X-ray security Inspection, the efficiency of security work apparently improves a lot. Nevertheless, for the reason that the electrical devices will influence the practical inspecting effect, the security officers commonly should ask passengers to hand out the electrical devices like computer, cameras and so on in case of incorrect warning. Some experienced terrorists may split the components of the weapons like guns and knives, which perhaps mislead the officers, feel that the small dark zone on the screen represents the keys or other similar safe tools. Thus the new-produced X-ray security Inspections in recent years already has the ability to distinguish the objects more clearly, which can definitely enhance our safety in the foreseeable future.

On the basis of introduction above, we can clearly see that the progress of technology relating to X-ray has made our lives more convenient and safe. The sales volume of baggage scanners also shows that the demand for public security will be stable.