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The Working Process of X Ray Baggage Scanner
The Working Process of X Ray Baggage Scanner

Do you really know about the working process of China x ray baggage scanner manufacturer? After X-ray test, the items in the luggage will be shown in the display, which is yellow, green, black, etc. Generally yellow items are organic compounds, such as plastic, food, etc. All these things are safe. However, green, black items need to be aware. If there is more green or black objects, or it is in the shape of knife, then the passengers will be asked to open the baggage to check. Inflammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive, radioactive, infectious disease pathogens, firearms, ammunition, knives and other items are strictly prohibited to get on the bus station. Once found, it will be confiscated. Kitchen knife, knife, fruit knife, craft knife, scissors, steel (iron) file, axe, hammer and other sharp and blunt tools also forbidden to carry, they all should be in the baggage check.

The working process of China cheap metal detectors manufacturer will not have any damage to the human body. Although China X ray baggage scanner manufacturer will find out the dangerous goods, which will make people travel safer, many people also have a question: this big machine can check the passenger’s belongings, is that the same with the X-ray machine in the hospital? Hospital radiology department will have radiation protection warning signs, so whether the China X ray baggage scanner manufacturer is harmful to the body? Subway, station, airport security equipments and security won't have any damage to human body, because x-rays are inside the machine only, and is a vertical irradiation, which absolutely can't illuminate through the walls of the machine to machine peripheral, unless someone goes into the machine when opening the China X ray baggage scanner manufacturer. And the import and export of China luggage inspection manufacturer has blocked with anti-radiation lead curtain, radiate rays also won't send out. So passengers will not be influenced by any radiation through the working process of China X ray baggage scanner manufacturer, the security personnel beside the machine will not receive radiation either.

There are a lot of China metal detector door manufacturers now. And different manufacturers may produce different machines in different quality. The customers must open your big eyes and choose the best production that the manufacturer made. After we introduce the working process of China X ray parcel scanner manufacturer, we believe that our customers may know about the security equipment clearly and detailed.

Safety problem is extremely important to our China, because we have a large population. A small problem may have a big damage, so all the customers should pay attention to the quality of the X ray baggage scanner to ensure the safety of the passenger.