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Tips on Baggage Scanner
Tips on Baggage Scanner

Did you notice that almost every airport or railway station has equipped with baggage scanner? But do you know what does this scanner do? Actually it plays an important role in protecting our safety. Here I will tell you the main baggage scanner jobs.

As we know that some incidents have been the result of travelers being permitted to carry either weapons or items that could be used as weapons on board aircraft so that they could hijack the plane. One way to rule out threat is inspecting the passages themselves. Travelers are usually screened by metal detectors. Explosive detection machines used include X-ray baggage Inspection system and explosives trace-detection portal machines. Explosive detection machines can also be used for both carry on and checked baggage. These detect volatile compounds given off from explosives using gas chromatography. One of baggage scanner jobs is detecting drugs. The baggage X ray scanner can also inspect the carrying of drugs. As we all know drugs are harmful to person to family and to society. Some people earn illegal money by smuggling drugs from other countries. In airport, a baggage scanner can detect the drugs.

The other job of baggage x ray scanner is detecting explosives. Did you remember that the world's first terrorist attack intending to indiscriminately kill civilians while in flight was Cuban Flight 455? It was a Cuban flight from Barbados to Jamaica that was brought down by a terrorist attack on October 6, 1976, killing 73 people. Nowadays, Prevalence of terrorism is a worry of every passenger. We don’t want to see the tragedy once again. Since this is a deadly threat to our safety and property, we should rule out the threat. So an inspection of everyone’s baggage is also very necessary. In modern society, x-ray bag scan plays an important role in inspecting baggage. The items in the baggage to be inspected are subjected to x-ray radiation and the unabsorbed radiation passing through the items is collected on photo-detector arrays. These detectors output very low-level currents which require special signal conditioning and high resolution data converters are needed to achieve the required resolution to image the scanned items properly. Sometimes this signal conditioning is contained within a single-chip data acquisition solution such as the case where the current-to-voltage (I-to-V) conversion is included with the precision analog-to-digital converter. Other times discrete very low-current/noise front-end amplifiers measure and amplify the outputs from the photo-detector array and then drive stand-alone voltage-input ADCs.

These are baggage scanner jobs. It makes a great difference in modern society. If you want to buy an X-ray baggage scanner, you can visit x ray baggage scanner to get more information.