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Tips on How to Reduce Parcel Scanner Radiation
Tips on How to Reduce Parcel Scanner Radiation

We shall go through the security check to the waiting room inevitably when we travel by planes. The most common security equipment includes the metal detector and the explosives detection Narcotics detection the latter one is often used to check the passengers’ carry-on baggage. The X-ray radiation the parcel scanners produced will cause damage to the human body if we do not pay much attention to radiation protection. Here are some practical and sensible tips on how to reducing parcel scanner radiation.

We will talk about how to avoid or reduce the cheap metal detectors radiation damage in security check according to the three elements of radiation protection, which include time protection, distance protection and blocking protection.
1 Try to reduce the residence time in the security area. Put your watches, cell phones and keys to hand luggage before entering the security area. Don't carry the prohibited item and don't jump into the security area hurriedly, you can come to the security area just the passenger leaving.

2 Just stand away from explosives detection liquid scanner which used to examine the carry-on baggage as far as possible. Please stand far away from the equipment’s entrance and exit when you take your luggage. Never push the baggage into the scanners

3. Shielding protection. There is curtain hung used for parcel scanner radiation protection in the inlet and outlet of testing equipment. It is better to pick up the parcel when the curtains are closed, of course it is difficult to grasp the closing moment.

In addition, if you are often travelling by plane, you can choose to eat more anti-radiation food in your daily life. Some kinds of red grapefruit such as tomatoes and watermelons are anti-radiation food, which also includes green tea, green beans and so on. Eating more anti-radiation food can help reduce parcel scanner radiation; this is also a sensible tip to reduce part of parcel scanner radiation.

All in all, the x ray baggage scanner being used for airport security are all in accord with national standard of radiation safety, we don’t need to be overly concerned with parcel scanner radiation. You can avoid or reduce the radiation hazard in the process of security as long as you act according to the three protective elements mentioned above.