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Walk Through Metal Detector for School
Walk Through Metal Detector for School


Creating safe educational environments for students is an ongoing process for both the general public and political authorities. In school, the instance of violence, substance abuse and intrusion raises new concerns. School should take effective measures to ensure that children, teens, and educators are not endangered by their peers. Equipping with X-Ray baggage scanner for school can effectively prevent the inflow of terrorist, drugs and other dangerous items.

Actually, metal detection systems are valid means of defense when reinforced with consistent supervision and well-maintained regulations. Therefore, equipping with walk through metal detector for school in order to ensure the safety of students is necessary. It can detect even small metal object while discriminating the removable metal items. Moreover, it has quick indication. The time a metal object passes through the door metal detector, a disturbance occurs in the magnetic field generated by the metal detector. This disturbance triggers the alarm fitted in a metal detector indicating the presence of a metal substance. In addition, it allows for quick and thorough analysis of all parts of the body of people walking through it. It accurately analyses the body from the crossbar to shoe level. Last but not least, x-ray security machine is very reliable. It minimizes the unnecessary alarm nuisance as it is immune to external interferences. It ignores the non-removable metal items like a belt, phones, and pen. It allows for a non-invasive search without intruding into the privacy of a person.

Before introducing walk through metal detector for school, it is essential to determine how high volumes of incoming traffic will be handled, who will be screened, and when and how frequently detection will occur. There’s also the matter of training security staff to operate detectors and provide regular maintenance to prevent lapses in security.

However, the truth is equipping with airport bag scanner for school is not so common in modern society. A survey reported in 1997 that the National Center for Educational Statistics reported that only around 1% of the participating schools had incorporated daily metal detector checks into their security program. Back to now, a more recent study in 2014 demonstrated a mere 2.8% increase in the number of daily metal detector checks. This indicates that an overwhelming majority of public institutions still lack a high degree of security.

All in all, schools should attach more importance on metal checks; walk through metal detector is an excellent choice. If you are interested in walk through metal detector, you can visit baggage x ray for more information.