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Well-received Radiation Monitoring System
Well-received Radiation Monitoring System

Radiation, a phenomenon that part of electromagnetic energy from the field source get out from the field source spread to the distance and then return, is everywhere in life. Radiation can be divided into Ionizing radiation and electromagnetic radiation. explosive detection system is a typical kind of radiation ray. Therefore, among all radiation monitoring system types, X-ray is widely used in radiation monitoring system, especially in the baggage scanner in the airport.

It is reported that Shenzhen Luohu Customs has seized eight red coral smuggling cases, involving goods weighing over 9 kg, reached a total value of about 450,000 Yuan. Several days ago, Shenzhen Luohu Customs caught two people art the security check point. When passing through the X-ray baggage scanner, the images of their suitcases are abnormal. After inspection, one of them carried 76 pieces of pearl necklaces and 10 pieces of red coral necklaces. Another person carried 58 pieces of pearl necklaces and 10 pieces of red coral necklaces. Tested by the State Forestry Administration Forensic Center, these necklaces are of great value. In recent years, the rising price of red coral has driven some criminals to bypass the x ray baggage scanner, smuggled red coral immigration profiteering. We cannot imagine how much valuable items will be lost if we do not have a radiation monitoring system like X-Ray baggage scanner.

Apart from X-ray security Inspection equipment, there are many other radiation monitoring system types. For example, X-ray can be applied in medical equipment. We do not need to worry about the radiation as the radiation is at a safe range that will not do harm to our health.

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