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What Is Whole Body Scanner?
What Is Whole Body Scanner?


When you travel by air, it is very likely that you will have a close contact with a whole body scanner, which can make our journey safer, in other words, your life might be saved by it. What is a whole X-ray baggage Inspection system? Why is it important?

A whole x-ray security machine can check the things from human body with the person having clothes on him. There are always some people who are meant to or unconsciously carry risky things which will cause our journey unsafe, so a whole body scanner is used to solve this problem. With a whole body security equipment, the people who operate the scanner will find out the risky things if they do exist. Thanks to the high technology it employs, the human body image can only be seen by the person who operates it, while the other people will not have a chance. This will help to protect our privacy and security. Sometimes it can do better, when the operator and the whole body scanner are separated from the passengers and he will have no chance to see the faces of the passengers, thus will better keep the privacy. And the body images taken by a whole body scanner are actually not pictures we normally see but like a nebula. There is no need to worry about the privacy problem.

The use of whole x ray baggage scanner price is not limited to airport; it can also be applied to many other fields. For example, it has been used in medical treatment and could be used to cure bone marrow cancer. The latest explosive detecting is better in recording the conditions of myeloma than the other ways, and it is very efficient, for the important information can be seen by the doctors very quickly, which will enable them to make the correct decision. With the help of this new whole body scanner, if a doctor cannot work well on a patient in one way, he will find it out immediately and improve the treatment.

Generally speaking, the whole body scanner employ two technologies, one is Millimeter wave, the other X-ray.

The scanner of millimeter wave is normally used at airport or government building. It can find out the hidden objects from risky people and protect that place. Millimeter scanner is divided into active one and passive one. The active millimeter scanner can detect the hidden objects directly and give a warning sound, while the passive one can only take pictures and the operator have to find the hidden objects himself.

X-ray whole body security scanner can inspect the radiation from human body. It is quite safe with this technology. It can also be used at airport, and the advantage of X-Ray baggage scanner is that it can check out the liquids, narcotics and other illegal objects very easily.