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Why Is Airport Full Body Scanners So Necessary?
Why Is Airport Full Body Scanners So Necessary?

There are pros and cons for security screening system. Some people think that it could reveal hidden metallic items and protect human being from terrorists, while some other people think that airport full body scanners violate human privacy right and it frankly cannot do the security that well, besides, airport security inspection device and full body scanners are very expensive, and they are not worth the money. As the result of this argument, airport whole body scanners pros hold the dominant position.

It is true that explosive detection system are generally not cheap, but human security is much more important than money. We can only live our life once, and to lose live means to lose everything. It is meaningless to compare the value the human lives with the money which is spent on airport whole body scanners. What is more, when an attack from terrorist happens, it is not only one life but many human lives which will be in danger. It is unfair to say that the cost of an airport full body scanner is more than the value of a human live.

Do airport metal detector for sale violate privacy? This is not the truth. As a matter of fact, most airport whole body scanners have the privacy protection measures to keep this from happening. Passengers' faces will be hidden and obscured and the privacy violation will not happen, and human bodies will be shown as vague pictures. On the other hand, even if the scanners violate privacy a little, compared with human lives, privacy is not the most important thing. If there is a choice between to live or to have privacy protection, it is only natural that most people will choose to live instead of privacy protection. Last but not least, passengers have the right to choose to use airport full body scanners or not, it is optional, so privacy violation should not be the one of disadvantages of airport full body scanners.

Some opponents hold that airport security scanner inspection equipment will do harm to human body, however, the truth is that the harm is nearly undetectable. It does less harm than the atmospheric pollution or harmful rays, even the car tail gas. It is said that it will make against human body when the times reach 1000, which is impossible.

In conclusion, Airport full body scanners are necessary because they can protect human lives and prevent malice deeds by evil people, which will enable us to have a safer journey. By its technology, airport full body scanners and X-ray Inspection system actually will not do privacy violations because it will hide our faces and body effectively. It does very little harm to our body, and in reality, there is no one even whose health is influenced by airport full body scanners.