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Working Principle of Walk-through Metal Detector
Working Principle of Walk-through Metal Detector

Walk-through metal detectors have come a long way as far as their history and design. They play a huge role in maintaining safety and reducing violence. A number of public places around the world invest in such equipment for good reason. With the help of trained personnel and monitored usage, they help detect dangerous objects with metal such as knives and guns. This is why it is suggested to avoid wearing clothing or accessories that contain metal. So how do liquid scanner work? Now let's get to know the working principle of walk through metal detector.

Firstly, you have to learn The Pulse Induction System shorted for PI system. Metal detectors are very compact machines and are based on a Pulse Induction system. The PI system indicates a coil of wire that is considered as the transmitter, which is placed on the top of the detector and acts as a receiver of magnetic fields. With the help of that wire, pulses of electricity are being created while at the same time reversing the polarity of the magnetic fields. Each second, hundreds of pulses of electricity are sent, however this depends on the model of the cheap metal detectors you are using, as some of them are able to create around 25 per second, and some more than a 1000 per second.

When a metal object passes though the electromagnetic field, this will cause a reflected pulse which will last around for a couple of seconds. So, when the presence of a metal object is detected, the sampling circuit will send signal which will beep. This is the classic beep sound that you commonly hear on airports or malls, when someone with a metal object passes through a luggage inspection. In many situations this beep will occur when you have keys in your pocket, some loose change, cell phone or similar, and for this reason you are usually being asked to remove these items from your pockets before going under a walk through metal detector. If even after this the machine continues to beep, you will be checked with a hand held metal detector to detect the cause of the alarm.

After learning the working principle of walk through metal detector, many people may have the concern that Walk-through detectors may harmful to our health. For the most part, the technical aspects of such devices the standard metal detector will not cause you any harm and is even safe for pregnant women. There are some reports of certain devices interacting with the magnetic field or frequency of the detector when you walk through it which have shown little or no health affects suffered. Thereby you don't have to worry about health problem caused by walk Through metal detector. This is the working principle of walk through metal detector. We hope the walk through metal detector will develop in a more advanced way. If you are interested in walk through metal detector, you can search more detail information on x ray baggage scanner.